What is a nurse practitioner and a physician's assistant?

Nurse practitioners and physician's assistants are Masters-level clinicians who can write prescriptions and are trained to perfom history and physicals, as well as diagnose and treat common illnesses and injuries in collaboration with a medical physician.  Dr. Moses Swauncy is our supervising physician and performs 20% chart audits and is available for consultation for all staff.

Do you take insurance?

Yes, we bill and are in-network with most major medical plans including Blue Cross/Blue Shield (including most out of state plans), Cigna (NOT Cigna connect plans), Aetna, United Healthcare, Humana, Oscar, Tricare, Bright Health and much more. We also treat workers compensation cases.

What if I need an X-ray?

We have on-site digital X-ray equipment with real time images.

Do you handle emergencies?

No. If you are having a true emergency such as chest pain, abdominal pain or had a major trauma please call 911 or visit your nearest emergency department.

What is the patient fee?

*If you are uninsured we charge $95.00 for a typical new patient visit and $70.00 for an existing customer. Additional charges may apply if additional tests are needed such as labs, ekg, x-ray, sutures/procedures, etc.  At Third & Church Health Care Clinic we understand the rising cost of health care and pride ourselves on keeping cash rates low for ALL our services.

*Insurance policies vary when it comes to office visit co-pays/deductibles.  We check your eligibility of benefits and whether you have a deductible remaining.   Please check your insurance benefits for an office visit (we bill as primary care not urgent care) to find out if any out of pocket costs will be incurred at time of service. If you have a deductible we will charge an upfront cost of 95$ for new patient and $70 dollars for existing (extra charges such as strep tests, ekgs, x-rays, etc will also be charged up front for unmet deductibles).  You will then receive a statement if there is any remaining balance (based on negotiated rate with your particular insurance policy).

What about parking?

We are no longer able to validate parking downtown. There are two flat parking lots on the corner of third and church. There are also several metered spots around the office.  IF you park in the Printer's Alley garage please be sure to pay at the machine BEFORE coming to the clinic.  LYFT and UBER are other options to reach the clinic without parking.